Pipiatio classica

Chiron has always supported the direct method for teaching classical languages. In other time Comenius already encouraged to avoid an excessive use of grammar in teaching. Nowadays methods such as Ørberg LLPSI, Rouse’s Greek boy or Athenaze are more and more usual in our classrooms.

Today more than ever we should treat our languages for what they are, something alive, to be used, to be touched, to be spoken. Against the black future offered by the Wert law, which reduces the presence of Classics in secondary school, we intend to bring Latin and Greek to the fore, display them on the network as they are, far from the academicism of the classrooms: alive languages ready to be used, tools to communicate. And, for that purpose, we will use social networks. So we encourage all willing students and teachers of classical languages to participate in the Pipiatio Classica, on Twitter, to be held next Thursday, November 15th. Of course, all we are going to write will be in Latin and Greek.

Introduce yourself, meet people, learn to express yourself in Latin and Greek. Mistakes are allowed! Let’s learn together! Add the hashtag #pipiatioclassica to your tweets in order to follow the event from here.

We also encourage all the institutions or associations related to the Classical World to take part in it and to disseminate it.

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