Share an idea, get hundreds

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Can you imagine every Classics teacher sharing one idea with each other? How many are we? We might create a huge bank of ideas available for everyone. Continue reading

Collaborative reading of classics

Do you think Latin and Greek are classical but not dead languages? Would you like to participate in a collaborative reading of their great works? Do you want to help making Homer’s and Virgil’s words inundate the web? Would you like to hear their verses in the voices of people from all over the world?

We have a proposal for you at Chiron. Participate in this initiative born out of the inspiration from the collective reading of Don Quixote. Let’s all read the Odyssey and the Aeneid in the language they were written in. Anyone can do it — get your students involved, call your friends, invite those who studied Greek and Latin with you. You just need a video camera or webcam and an Internet connection.

Participating is very easy:

  • Fill out the form with your name and e-mail address. (OdysseyAeneid)
  • We’ll contact you to assign you a passage between 20 and 60 verses.
  • You’ll have a week to record a video with that reading, upload it to your YouTube account and send us the link.
  • Your video will appear on a playlist (OdysseyAeneid) where all the sent videos are going to be collected.

Are you really missing the chance to participate?