About us

On a January 27th, 2006 Carlos Cabanillas set out a proposal from his blog to the teachers of Classics: given the fact that quite a good number of teachers are developing materials and making them available through the Internet, why not design a collective project to collect all efforts? Some colleagues answered at once, and some others have joined afterwards: Sebastià GiraltAna OvandoLuis InclánOlga DíezÁlvaro Pérez VilariñoSergi FerrúsJosé M. Ciordia, Manuel López, Ángel Luis GallegoMargalida CapellàMertxu Ovejas and Rodrigo Portela.

As the challenge was about working in the Net, some of us answered and shared our viewponts in an on-line collaborative document. Thus, an idea just too close to Sci-Fi became real: Classicists from different places, who do not know each other physically… and working together in a common project. Does it sound like utopy? It still is!

The idea is that everyone can contribute according his (or her) possibilities, for this is a project to be built by everybody, day by day, with a great amount of illusions and efforts. This will be the gate to all those resources by means of which we can get a bit closer to the Classical World: blogs, activities, utilities, software, news, courses…

This is a dynamic project, an every-day-changing reality in a perpetual movement thanks to every contribution. Ours is a collaborative philosophy, our work comes from a group in which we all have a place. This is the reason why our site is called to be as great and important as we all want it to be. The site will grow up with our contributions, with your contributions, with contributions from everyone.


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